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My name came from how I was conceived. My mother was a Capulet and my dad a Montague. They fell in love but their families hated each other and were having a blood feud. They first to decide to meet in secret. Then I was made and they realized their family would kill the baby. So they devised a very convoluted plot to make it seem like they killed themselves out of love and guilt-trip their families into ending the feud. Free of the pressure of their families, they lived the rest of their lives happily ever after in Amsterdam after that.When I was 16, I decided to leave my home for adventure. I traveled the world and saw all the sights. Unfortunately, I was really scrawny and I kept getting beaten and mugged after leaving every town. I heard stories at the bar about a scary drow named Drizzt. I realized that if I impersonated him, that thugs would shirk away at the sight of me. It worked really well. I was able to travel in peace. Too much peace.

It was miserable after I changed my identity. It felt nice not being mugged at first, but then I realized that no one would go near me.

I wondered alone for a while. On a side rode, I saw some thugs trying to steal from poor family. Knowing the feeling of getting stolen from, I ran in and defended them from the thugs. The thugs ran away from fear. Unfortunately, so did the family I saved. Feeling really lonely, I curled over on the spot crying. It was a miserable sight.

“Cheer up you weird drow” said a high pitched gnome. I looked up and saw the little guy. He was short, quirky and carried a flail in his hand. “You did the right thing, noirmal people are just not used to you yet. Come with me and I’ll introduce to you some lovely weirdos who will accept you after you give them some donuts and bacon.”

So he introduced me to you guys and after so long I feel comfortable enough to tell you guys the truth.

Four years later, the Guard helped me become a stronger person. I felt like I was part of a family and the more I cared for them, the more I felt guilty. So I took off my fake rubber mask, cleaned the tar from my skin and I revealed myself. I’ve been accepted ever since. I even found a synagogue of battle Rabbis.