About Us

To have fun!

Drink, be merry, and hit stuff!

“The Guard is a fighting group, but there are plenty of roles for non-fighters who want to participate in events. We have a traveling tavern called the Wheel and Rose which accompanies us to most events. If you want to play, the rest of the group will accommodate your niche. Our ranks include barbarians, barmaids, trolls, singers, vampires, musicians, reivers, raiders, druids, monks, elves, nobility, zombies, one kangaroo, Highlanders, peasants, samurai, a Hellfire-and-Brimstone Puritan, and a Sergeant called “Mom.” The Guard is led by Captain Graymael, a war-weary old campaigner who is always one month away from retirement.

The Guard badge reads, “Fabricati Diem, PVNC,” which means “To Protect and Serve”…or something like that.


The battle standard for the Guard is a skeleton in armor, whom we affectionately call Dante. The reason why is lost to antiquity.

What is required in the Guard? Good characterization, good costuming (within six months of joining), and impeccable sportsmanship. Sportswomanship. Sportspersonship. Wait – is that term offensive to goblins and trolls?

Nothing in the Guard is draconian or even pushy, EXCEPT for the requirement for absolute sportsentityship at all times.


characterizationThe goal of the Guard is to have a lot of fun and to encourage characterization in Dagorhir, by making characterization cool again. We are a group of friends who fight, practice, make equipment, and joke together. The Guard is known for excellent characterization; constantly wisecracking at each other’s (and at our own) expense; and for acquitting ourselves on the field with ferocity and unquestionable sportsmanship.

Is your character the Rabid Drill Instructor, or the Crazy Young Recruit? Are you the Corporal who refuses promotion because he just does not want the responsibility? Are you the Reformed Thief who is serving in the Guard to fulfill the CommunityService portion of her sentence? Or are you the Sergeant Mom who has been in the Guard so long that she named her child Dante?

Come up with your own schtick and weave it into the tapestry of the rest of the group.


Dagorhir uses all sorts of weapons built with fiberglass rod cores and foam batting. The Dagorhir Aratari website and Dagorhir’s national website have instructions on how to build weapons and list requirements for passing weapons inspection.

The Guard often has parties for manufacturing Unit members’ weapons and sewing garb.


All Recruits must make their own uniforms, and bring them to their third battle for inspection. The Dagorhir Handbook offers some styles of costumes and recommendations for what first-timermore advanced, and expert costumes should look like.

Their site also has instructions for making a basic T-tunic, which is a great first piece of garb to make. The Guard often comes together as a group to make weapons and garb. Our more veteran members are quite willing to share their skills and give tips to the newcomers.

The only uniform requirement for battle is the Guard tabard, a dark blue and grey overtunic which is required when members pass from the rank of Recruit to Guard. Members are encouraged to decorate their tabards with J’tai (Dagorhir medals), favors, marks of rank, and other appropriate salad.