Member Details

Name: Xaniphe (zan-i-fee)

Member Bio

Gender: Female

Race: Forest (Wood) Nymph


Xaniphe is from a rare clan of Wood Nymphs previously thought to be extinct. As it turns out, she is the last of her clan. Indigenous to the Black Forest of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, the Baden clan was famous for their strong connection to the many animals of the forest. They were a very secluded, shy clan that rarely left their home deep in the woods. They kept to themselves and avoided confrontation. Their pacifism ultimately led to the destruction of their clan. A rouge clan of goblins, lost, hungry, and desperate from their long journey through the woods, massacred the Baden clan. They ransacked the clan’s home, eradicating the nearly 200 nymphs. The nymphs had neither weapons nor shields to defend themselves with, and met their violent demise begging for mercy.

Xaniphe was especially shy and preferred to spend the majority of her time playing with her animal friends. She would often leave the clan early in the morning and return late at night, bringing fruits and vegetables with her. It was through her shy, reclusive behavior that she managed to stay alive. The infamous Baden Massacre is believed to have happened around midday, during which time Xaniphe was out gathering with her animal friends. The goblin clan, known only as Kazit, boasted about their victory over the Baden clan and continues to celebrate the anniversary of the Baden Massacre.

To this day, Xaniphe very rarely fights, much preferring to help revive and save her comrades from the battle. She continues to be very wary of goblins and avoids them to the best of her ability. When not healing her comrades, Xaniphe can generally be found with animals.