Awards & Orders

The Guard isn’t a strictly martial group. Orders, rank, and promotions are based on service to the Guard and/or to Dagorhir as a whole, recruiting new members, and sometimes time in service – not on passing Warrior Tests or building armor.

Guard Orders may be awarded to folk from other units or who are no longer active Guard members.

Any Guard member may make nominations, but only members of rank Corporal and above get to vote on who receives awards of Orders. The Guard recognizes Promotions and awarding Orders at Dagorhir camp-outs and Feasts and at Guard meetings (generally about 6-8 times a year).

Guard Orders are not easy to get. If they were, they’d lose their significance; e.g., one good death shouldn’t warrant an Order of Dante — rather, a HISTORY of good deaths every time, crowned by a particularly spectacular death, could earn one a nomination.

Guard of rank Lieutenant or higher aren’t eligible for these Orders — officers are expected (required, even) to perform service and bring honor to the unit.

Order of Hannibal

Given for Insanity Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. Symbolized by a patch in the form of a white straight jacket, commemorating both Hannibal the Cannibal and the much earlier Hannibal who dared to take Elephants Over the Alps. (Note to self: Don’t name your child Hannibal…it’s a bad precedent.

Order of the Anvil

For contributions of craftwork above and beyond the call to the Guard and/or to Dagorhir as a whole. Examples might include making banners, painting a mess o’ shields, or composing and performing marching songs for the Guard. The Anvil is a metal-gray leather patch in the shape of an anvil.

Order of Dante

For characterization on or off the Battlefield. This might include dying so realistically that the battle stops so people can ask if you’re all right, or entertaining guests at a Feast by dropping “Dead flightless birds” onto their plates from a height of six feet. The Order of Dante is a skull-shaped bead carved from bone.

Order of the Clarion

For distinguished combat accomplishments on the battlefield. The Clarion is our first strictly martial Order, and gives us a chance to recognize the “newbie” who brings honor to the Guard by winning a tournament (or coming in Second or Third against a field of tough veterans) or the fighter who consistently demonstrates the Right Attitude by charging the enemy again and again and taking Every Hit. The Clarion is a bronze disc with a center-hole from which a leather ribbon hangs.

Order of the Eggplant

The Guard’s equivalent of the Purple Heart. It’s awarded to members of the Guard who sustained real-world injuries while at (or going to or from) Dagorhir or Guard events. Generally, to qualify, the injury requires a hospital or doctor’s visit to treat it; involves a significant loss of blood, or leaves a truly spectacular bruise

Order of Polyfax

Named for the Guard’s late Jester, Polyfax the Immortal, who died tragically in a horrible accident involving a squawking awk and an accordion weiner dog. The Order of Polyfax the Brave is awarded for Humor Above and Beyond the Norm And For Generally Making Us Laugh, recognizing that Funny is more important than Cool. The Order of Polyfax the Clever takes the shape of a Jester’s scepter (or marahoof) built upon a Blue Weapon, honoring Balthazar, the renowned scepter of Polyfax the Handsome.

Order of Rebirth

Honors “Dagorhir Re-Treads” who come out of retirement to join the Guard; symbol is a baby’s rattle.


Title given to a Guard member who is both a craftsperson and a teacher; someone who knows how to do remarkable things and shares that knowledge with others. It is equivalent to “Sensei” in martial arts groups.

The Gnome of Friendship

Awarded by the Guard to units, realms, or individuals who have earned the Guard’s respect as allies, opponents…or both.