Msg. Dredge Tanilson

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Name: Dredge Tanilson
Awards: Order of Hannibal, Order of the Anvil x3, Order of Dante

Member Bio

Captain Graymael,

I, Dredge Tanilson, formerly known as Mr Terretts, enjoyed the Guard practice last Sunday.  My wife, Luda (she tells me it is “lewd-ahh”) and I were just passing through, minding our own business.  Imagine our pleasure to find a Guard unit like yours where we could stop, rest, and relax for a time.  We very much appreciated your hospitality toward a couple with no armor, weapons, or proper clothes.

This would never have happened before my father decided I should take “that foreign woman” and make my own way in the world.  Yes, that night when we were forced to the edge of his “realm” (a ten minute walk and that’s to the far side!) and kicked out was definitely a low point in my life.  Guard duty right now would suit me fine.  With a healthy older brother, I’m used to being “The Expendable One” and I figure that’s what the Guard is all about – especially for new recruits!

My wife, crazy northerner that she is, has her uses!  She will sew a fine stitch, embroiders just a little, speaks a few languages, tends to bite off more than she should chew, and can be a little agressive – especially with a weapon.

I’ve picked up a few skills as well, sometimes quite against my will.  I’m a fair cook, done my fair share of camping in the snow and rain,  can read and write, and enjoy giving folks a good thumping.


With Respect,


(pronounced: dredge)