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Name: A'strug Ulgr

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Astrid Ullrsdóttir was born a Viking from Iceland, captured by Christians and found to be good with a bow, was recruited by the Knights Templar and told that if she fights with them on their crusade to Jerusalem, they would allow her to see her home again when they returned.  Astrid, fighting ferociously, fell at the gates of the city during the final storming of the city by taking an arrow coated in poison directly to the gut.

Astrid awake to see the battlefield deserted from all living beings, corpses spread across the sands.  Confused as to why she was awake or if the Templars had taken Jerusalem or not, she turned away and wandered through the deserts seeking civilization of any kind besides Christians.  She longed to go home and see her family once more.

After travelling for several days and nights, Astrid heard the sounds of music and singing travelling from a forest fairly close by.  Having no clue where she was and being exhausted from travelling through hot deserts, she entered the camp of the Guard and swore her allegiance to their captain for food and water.

Astrid continued to travel with the Guard for many weeks, but began to feel strange as the days passed.  Her skin began to itch and change colours, various hues of greens, blues, and purples.   After two months with the Guard, Astrid’s skin had grown necrotic and the unit had began to fear that she was dying.  Her skin slowly rot and peeled, leaving nothing but her skeleton behind, but she was still “living”.  The Guard feared Astrid, but having sworn her loyalty and feeling at home with the Guard, she remained fighting as a skeleton warrior alongside her friends and newly found family.

After many months of undead fealty, Achenar learned the ways of great healing and told Astrid of the miracles that she has seen and performed while on the battlefields.  Astrid begged Achenar to heal her of her curse, and Achenar agreed.  Astrid laid on the ground and Achenar began applying salves of various plants upon her bones, wrapping her in leaves, and finally bandages.  Many of the Guard gathered around, as the rick of death was great and Achenar had never healed such a wound before.  Sirius sat overheard, praying to Thor that his fellow Viking not fall in this manner.  Tusec and Anansi by her side, chanting great songs of turtles carrying people to their homes, and other silly things.  Valkyrie on her other side, sacrificing two ducks for the blood that Achenar needed to continue the ceremony.  Greymael and Straw, singing songs while drinking, having not been informed of the ritual.

Astrid woke.  She lifted her hands to see fleshy fingers where only bone had been.  Achenar began to unravel the bandages and everyone cheered as they saw that she was a fleshy again, no longer undeadish.  Achenar told her to take it easy, but Astrid would have none of that.  She picked up her bow and charged into battle the next day.

A year had gone by and all had been going well.  Astrid had received many wounds, but none severe, and none removing any of her fleshy goodness.  The Guard had been backed up to a single tree in a forest on a cold winter day and Astrid fired an arrow at the nearest approaching orc.  The arrow pierced the skull, but ricocheted off of the tree behind it and hit Astrid in the arm.  Everything seemed fine for a few days, but her skin began to turn green again.  No purples or blues this time though.  Her ears began to point and droop, her scowl began to thicken, and her voice began to drop and slow.  Astrid had been turned into an orc.  Having served for so long with the Guard, they did not kill her, but kept a watch on her again.  No longer able to pronounce her own name, Astrid began calling herself A’strug and charging into battle with a strong sense of killing anything that moves, but watching for her fellow Guards.  The Guard had gained a loyal orc pet.