Cpl. Cantrix Wolfwalker

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Name: Cantrix Wolfwalker
Awards: Order of the Anvil x2

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After being killed in an overzealous drunken tavern brawl, Cantrix, the zombie wench, decided that she was having too much fun to just curl up and die. So, she now lurks in the dark corners of the Wheel & Rose tavern. Sometimes staying so well hidden that people can’t even see her at battles. Oh, and occasionally selling food and drink.

Every now and then people wandering into the Wheel & Rose can swear they hear soft singing coming from somewhere. Cantrix, however, is too shy to sing in front of crowds of people, though she often sings for some of her closer friends of the Guard.

In addition to singing, Cantrix enjoys other artistic pursuits, including the representation of Dante on the Guard banner. (side note: Did I make one for the Wheel & Rose too? I can’t remember it’s been so long ago.)

While not a violent zombie, she will protect her friends as well as she can. She keeps her eye on Graymael, as he’s a shifty character and she first met him in pursuit of her good friend Briar.

Cantrix tries to stay out of the way and feels uncomfortable in large crowds of strange people, mostly due to the memories of the tavern brawl, which got her into her zombie state.

However, she plans to attend the Yule feast, as it’s the anniversary of when she was introduced to the zany bunch called the Guard.

There you go, my character’s bio.



Oh, and I was thinking about how I said my character died, and I was thinking that the way I wrote it made me sound more like a ghost than a zombie. So, I was thinking that instead of dieing in the tavern, that perhaps I was just zapped by some stray magic in the brawl and turned into a zombie.

Anyway, I’m gonna go wander off now.

Cantrix, the Zombie wench


Hey all, after an inspired moment last night, I have come up with a new and (in my opinion) better background for my character.

Cantrix, one of the wenches in the Guard, was living peacefully in the mightly land of Apkroy. One evening she came home to discover that her parents were moving to the land of Aus. Quite a shock really, but there wasn’t anything that she could do about it. They had their minds made up, some sort of secret mission, or some such nonsense.

After a while she didn’t think that this was such a bad thing. Cantrix thought perhaps it was time that she lived on her own. Unfortunately about the time that she realized this, she was turned into a zombie by a local zombie master known as Wammom. The zombie master, forcing Cantrix to live with her, has pretty much taken over the goings on in her life. If only Cantrix could find the Magical Backbone of Self Preservation, she would be able to free herself from her zombie state.

However, the ever vigilant Wammom, accompanied by her flunky, Krow, keep Cantrix from going out to visit the Wheel & Rose Tavern. Wammom is afraid that there she might meet some unsavory characters who will join with her in her quest for the Magical Backbone of Self Preservation.

Cantrix does occassionally make it out to visit the Wheel & Rose, but keeps to the shadows to keep from being spotted by anyone who might be a spy for the zombie master.

See you all tomorrow,

Cantrix, the zombie wench


In response to my original post of this information, the list received this message:


sgt ax da ogre

And I don’t know if someone else made it, but they did make a backbone for me. Unfortunately some of Wammom’s spies stole it from the party, because I didn’t have it when I went home that night. Hard to believe this was 8 years ago.

-Cantrix Wolfwalker (The wolfwalker part came later. I’d have to dig around a good bit to find that part of my history. I knew I could find the original because I knew it was written around new year’s.)